The complexity of the “world of real things” makes the work of subsuming the cases object of the interest of our clients in the “world of legal things” more and more demanding and, more and more, there is a need for daily updating and a multidisciplinary approach, technically qualified, to identify exactly the different aspects of the questions submitted to the jurist from time to time, to better understand their scope and to search for the law institutes involved in order to better orientate the client’s satisfaction. With this in mind, the Law firm Guerriero-Ortenzi makes use of cutting-edge tools and the help of esteemed professionals, with whom to share in-depth analysis of the issues that require their specific skills.

The firm is located in a building from the early 1900s, in the heart of the historic center of the Lido of Rome, easily reachable also by public transport. The activity of professionals is aimed at listening to and looking after the interests and rights of their clients, natural and legal persons, at every stage, judicial and extrajudicial, in the civil, criminal and administrative fields. Particularly through the deepening of contracts, with specific experience in the field of commercial and residential leases, real estate sale and brokerage, medical liability, inheritance, family and minors, criminal law, including military law, construction and right of access to administrative documents. The firm makes use of expert consultants in various disciplines such as forensic medicine, psychotherapy, architecture.