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Avv. Pierluigi Guerriero


Avv. Pierluigi Guerriero , Cassationist, single and collegiate arbitrator, deals mainly with civil law, in particular contracts, property law, privacy and data protection, inheritance and torts. A graduate of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, he also attended the University of Uppsala in Sweden, successfully taking courses in Comparative Private Law, Freedom of Speech, American Law and Russian Law. He took part, as a delegate, in the XXX National Forensic Congress in Genoa, at the next Extraordinary Congress of Milan, at the XXXI  National Forensic Congress in Bari, as well as at the XXXIII National Forensic Congress in Rimini. He took part in the work of the VIII National Advocacy Conference in Naples and the XXXII National Forensic Congress in Venice. He participated in the “Consumer Project” and “EU Fund Raising project” set up by the Roman Bar, publishing articles and speaking at conferences. Currently is vice coordinator of the “Youth Project” and member of the “Relations with Institutions and Judicial Offices project”. He is also a member of the Committee “Corporate Social Responsibilityof the Italian delegation nominated by the National Bar Council at the  CCBE.  He is fluent in English




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